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PARTY PARTY PARTY - 10 Guests or more....
If you are booking a Party of 10 people or more it is recommended that you 
pre-order your food selection in advance.

1     Click on the pre-order form button
2     Download in your preferred format
3     Ask your guests what they would like to eat
4     Complete the form
5     Email, Fax or Phone your order through at least five days in advance
6     Enjoy your party at Starz

> All items are subject to availability
> All weights approximate prior to cooking
> All items include VAT
> We accept most Credit Cards when order is in excess of £10
> Sorry but we are unable to offer individual bills
> Cheques can only be accepted when supported by a valid banker’s card
> Nut traces may be found in some supplied goods
> We hope you have a great experience at Starz, if you do please tell your friends, however, if you don’t please tell us
> V.A.T. No. 819 1723 24